Courses and Curriculum

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Course :1 Advance Course :Learn Spring boot With Micro services

  • What is Monolithic Architecture
  • Event driven Architecture
  • Advantages of Micro services over Monolithic architecture
  • Requirement of Spring boot and Advantages
  • Env Setup local with Spring boot
  • Developing REST API and Hello world Micro service
  • Developing transaction micro service
  • Introducing REST client
  • Micro service with database connection
  • Introduction to Spring cloud and AWS
  • Introduction to Maven
  • Service routing with Spring cloud
  • Configuration on cloud Server
  • Micro services deployment
  • Micro services with AWS
  • Securing your micro services
  • Logging with Micro services and log aggregation
  • Service discovery
  • Connecting Micro services 
  • Project with Micro services
  • Docket introduction and setup

Course -2  – Advance Java with Spring and Hibernate

  • Introduction to J2EE
  • Introduction to Spring
  • Introduction to Hibernate and ORM tools
  • Requirements of Framework
  • Basic of Spring IOC
  • Introduction to Spring MVC
  • Introduction to Spring core
  • Introduction on Spring AOP and uses
  • Introduction to Spring JDBC
  • Introduction to Hibernate mapping
  • Basics about Hibernate configuration
  • Object state and its impact
  • Hibernate joins and HQL
  • Hibernate transaction Management
  • Hibernate performance tuning
  •  Hibernate fetching strategies
  • Hibernate caching
  • Hibernate data sources and connection pool 
  • Hibernate Session Management

  Course – 3 – Programming with Node JS ,React JS with MongoDB

  • Introduction of reactive programming
  • Introduction to NodeJS
  • Introduction to React JS
  • Introduction to Mongo DB
  • Requirement of  Event driven programming
  • Env Setup
  • Node JS modules
  • Node JS basics
  • Node JS web module
  • Node JS file module
  • Node JS EVAL and loops
  • Node JS Scaling
  • Node JS Event Emitter and Listener
  • Node JS Express Framework
  • Node JS Callback concepts
  • Env setup for Mongo DB
  • Requirement of NOSQL database
  • Mongo db FIRST application
  • Mongo DB CRUD operations – Insert,Update,Delete,Read
  • Mongo DB Aggregation with pipeline and Map reduce
  • MongoDB sharding
  • Mongo DB Text Search and shorting
  • MongoDB Projection
  • Mongo DB Limiting Records
  • Env Setup for React JS
  • Overview of React JS
  • First app with React JS
  • React JS components
  • React JS Forms,Keys and proerties
  • React JS Flux concepts

·                     React JS component Life cycle and API